Busy days

The last time Bianca had the opportunity to swim was probably a week or two before she was diagnosed. I remember us sitting in the little meeting room with Doctor Anne and one of my questions was whether Bianca would be able to continue swimming and her answer was a very big no. It was devastating because before our eyes a lot of stuff Bianca enjoyed doing slipped away, and we didn't know for how long. Basically it is not so much the swimming that was the problem, but public pools are a breeding ground for germs and stuff and so would be a very likely source of infection. So Bianca hasn't been in a pool for many many months. Of course before Bianca got sick I never really thought about public swimming pools, but if I really think about it then it is not hard to imagine why public swimming pools would be quite risky for Bianca. So anyway, on Saturday Bianca went to a birthday party for one of her friends at school and they have a spa pool and so Bianca had the best time ever splashing around in the spa pool. She still spoke about it for hours afterwards. She just loved everything about the party.

Other news is pretty much that Bianca is doing so well at school. I can't believe that its been already more than 6 weeks. It is amazing how Bianca suddenly picks up words everywhere. Just on Friday she got a certificate in the morning assembly for sounding out unfamiliar words. I understand that is an important step and once kids are able to do that, then they are well on their way to successful reading. On Wednesday Terence and I will meet with Bianca's teacher to get an update on how things have been going. On Wednesday (or Thursday) evening we will attend a visual arts festival at Bianca's school and we'll get the chance to see some of the artwork Bianca's been doing and we will even be able to order a calendar with some of her art work in it. And on Thursday Bianca will also have a fairy tale dress up day at school. She's already chosen to dress up like The Little Red Riding Hood. When I was still in school, I had no clue just how busy life can get when you are the mom and when there are so many things happening at school. But I'm not complaining. It feels so good that Bianca is able to go, and have friends and do all the stuff that earlier this year we thought wouldn't happen now. And that's when you realise just how many times we take a lot of things for granted.

On Sunday we will be going to MOTAT and they will have a Girl Power Day. That will be so much fun and the perfect day to spend as a family, because next week Terence will be in Wellington for 4 days for a course. I know the girls will miss their dad terribly, but the course is really important for Terence's job.

Other than this we are pretty much just trying to catch up on unpacking and of course the housework never ends.


Anonymous said...

It is great to see that Bianca is doing so well. Have fun at MOTAT.

Anonymous said...

So glad Bianca was able to have some fun in the water. She looks so beautiful in her pink swimshirt!
Looking forward to seeing pictures of "Little Red Riding Hood" next week.
Thinking of you and Bianca
Rosemary NY USA