A trip to Piha

Today (Saturday) we decided to take a drive out to Piha beach. We've only ever been there once before when Bianca was around 18 months old. Caitlyn wasn't too happy when she woke up this morning, not sure why, but she was grumpy and she let us know it! So we got everything ready for our drive and off we went (around an hour later than we initially planned).

Caitlyn didn't want to be strapped into her car seat and kept trying to take her arm out. I was sitting between the girls and I kept pushing her arm back and of course she screamed. And screamed, and screamed most of the way to Piha beach.

Piha beach is beautiful and has this nice black sand all over. It is not really a child friendly beach as it has bigger waves and quite a strong current and certainly it is here that you will often see surfers having fun in the water. Caitlyn loved having her feet in the water and she loved spotting some of the shells on the beach. Of course then it was time to go home and... Caitlyn screamed and screamed and screamed for most of the way home. When we got home Caitlyn had a nice long nap and woke up feeling much much better.

Unfortunately our camera fell into the water and we'll now try and get it serviced to try and see if we can fix any possible damage. So no photos of today's trip, but I thought I'd share some photos we took when we first went to Piha Beach and Bianca was around 18 months old:

PS. As I'm typing this Bianca has been spotting and reading some of the words. So I guess my days of writing stuff and Bianca doesn't know what I'm writing are over!


Anonymous said...

I love Piha. It was our fallback day trip when we couldn't decide where to go or what to do, or if we ended up in Helensville by mistake. Both my kids love it. Last trip we had a picnic on Lion Rock, enjoying the climb and the views. I hope you get your camera working again and salvage some photos from your trip.

Kristy said...

that is very pretty