My birthday party

And so my birthday arrived, just about the same time as K-Mart started putting out their Christmas Trees on display. WHAT?! It is only September and they are already getting ready for Christmas!

I'm not really one to make a big fuss of my birthday, but we did have a small little party at home on Saturday (even though technically it wasn't yet my birthday) and that was so much fun. And yes, I included some fun stuff for the kids, because as far as they are concerned you simply cannot have a birthday without lots of balloons.

I was wonderfully spoiled with a chocolate cake that Terence and Bianca baked (and Terence insisted on putting the actual number of candles on my cake, which reminded me when my mom turned 36 my brother and I put 36 candles on her cake - not that I'm turning 36, not at all!).

And then we had what Bianca would call a "feast" which is basically a picnic style type of meal with lots of different things put out on different plates.

And then present time. I got an I-Pod from Terence, some chocolates and bubble bath from the girls, a beautiful necklace with a bright red heart that Bianca chose and paid for herself and a little golden chain with a little cross on it from my mom. I feel wonderfully spoiled and it was great sharing this day with the people closest to me (even though my mom is thousands of kilometers away, we chat regularly on email, so it does feel as if she is close to us).

And then I finished my day with a relaxing bath and watching a Gilmore Girls DVD. So all in all a great way to spend my birthday.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday. It looks like you had a great day that is the start of a fantastic year for you all.

Johan said...

Happy birthday Lea! Hope you had a great day, and I hope you have a wonderful year ahead!