Too big for school

Lea: "So Bianca, how was your day at school?"

Bianca: "It was fine"

Lea: "Who did you play with?"

Bianca: "I don't know" (she has many friends, but doesn't always know their names)

Lea: "Did you play with me?" (trick question)

Bianca: "No, you were not there"

Lea: "In that case, can I also go to school?"

Bianca: "No, you are too big"

Lea: "But Miss Hilton goes to school" (this is Bianca's teacher)

Bianca: "Yes, but you are all grown up"

Lea: "But Mrs Raubenheimer goes to school" (another teacher who has been there longer and is older)

Bianca: "Well, you're not a teacher"

Lea: "Can I be a teacher?"

Bianca: "No, you chose to be a Mommy, so there!"

That's decided then, end of discussion...

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Anonymous said...

Your just have to love the honesty in children.