Fairy Tale Fashion Parade

Last week, Bianca had a Fairy Tale Fashion Parade. This term they learned all about Fairy Tales and so to conclude the unit, the junior classes had the opportunity to dress up as their faviourte fairy tale character. Bianca chose The Little Red Riding Hood and she wore a reddish poncho my mom (her Ouma) made for her a while back and that she loves wearing.

We then took a little plastic container and taped a string to it for the handle and Bianca then wrote "basket" on a little card that we stuck to the front. Then we decided that she would draw some flowers, a cupcake and a bottle of juice and Bianca cut this out and put it in the basket and then she wrote a little note to Granny from Little Red Riding Hood (Dear Granny, Hope you feel better soon. Love Little Red Riding Hood).

It was so cute to see all the little kids all dressed up and there was even a girl dressed up as the beanstalk and another dressed as the talking mirror.

Bianca had lots and lots of fun!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lea,
Wow, you guys sure have been busy and having lots of fun, by the looks of things. I loved Bianca's Little Red Riding hood basket. Bianca is so impressive with her writing.
And a big belated Happy Birthday from us. I'm glad you had such a lovely day.
Take care,
Bridget and Pete

Anonymous said...

How beautiful Bianca looks dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood! And a special red poncho from her Grandma from so far away. It certainly must be special to her. Sounds like you and your family have been having lots of fun these days. It also appears to me that Bianca does very well with her writing and forming of letters! And I couldn't sign off with out saying a very Happy Birthday to a very special person. Hope it was wonderful regardless of how many candles were on your cake!!
Thinking of you and Bianca
Rosemary NY USA