Devastating news

Right now I am utterly devastated and heartbroken. I just got news that a little girl has relapsed. That is a dreadful word, a word no parent ever ever wants to hear, and when I got the news I felt numb and then instantly an incredible sadness took over. I've followed their journey for a long time now and I've just been so pleased for them that she amazed everybody each step of the way, that she finally finished all that horrible intensive chemo and radiation and celebrated with them as I read about the day they removed her Feeding Tube and her Hickman Line. I feel devastated that this horrible horrible disease returned without warning. And now? There are no further treatment options for them. Please keep this family in your prayers and thoughts as they enter the most challenging part of their journey. I cannot even begin to imagine, I mean I couldn't even imagine how tough her treatment plan was because it was way more intense than it's ever been for us. And now? I just feel so heartbroken for them, so sad and feel that this is just so unfair.


kristy said...

So sad.. I'll be praying

Anonymous said...

Hi Lea,
Today is truely a sad day. Yet again I am left to wonder at Gods will. He gives and he takes away but left here it is so hard to understand how he makes his deciasions. I have wept this afternoon, last night and I am sure I will weep again for this special family. Take care and hug everyone a bit tighter tonight I will be.

Anon said...

I have no answers - just - sadness isn't the right word.... I hope you get the strength to carry on. And even more so to Kyah's family