Girl Power and a pink Cadillac!!!

On Sunday (today) we had a wonderfully fun day at MOTAT. It was a Girl Power themed day and it was so much fun. It was all about the way Victorian Women used to live and behave and they had a display to showcase the changes specifically relating to women that happened over the years. It was a celebration to the heritage of women.

So when we got there Bianca and I were just in time to attend an etiquette lesson where we were taught the proper way to behave when you joined somebody for tea. So we all had to wear these fancy white gloves and the lesson was held in the school room.

We were taught that proper behaviour was to wait for the hostess to sit down first before we were able to take our seats. These two ladies did a brilliant job at teaching us:

They taught us that we had to sit up straight, chin up, knees together and then we had to take off our gloves and lay them over our knees. We were taught it was horribly old fashioned to stick out our little fingers when holding ones tea cup and it has to be neatly tucked in. The proper way to drink ones tea is to take the saucer with the left hand, hold the tea cup (little finger neatly tucked in) with the right hand and bring it close to you (with your elbow staying by your side). You never ever lean across the table. And then you have to stir your tea in such a way that your spoon does not make a sound and then you have to drink your tea without making any sounds and place your cup softly back on the saucer.

Acceptable conversations for ladies would possibly be the weather, ones garden (but one should never be too boastful) and perhaps discussing the latest fashion (have you noticed how they are showing more ankle these days?) and it was frowned upon to discuss politics, ones neighbours or even worse any kind of bodily functions - that was simply not the proper way for ladies to behave. At the end of our lesson, our hostess signaled the end by gently placing her napkin back on the table.

Then of course Bianca had to go through the Mirror Maze (that is one of her favourite things at MOTAT) and all of the engines were working today and that was fun to watch how they worked.

Bianca pretending to be a bus driver (tickets please):

Caitlyn having fun at the playground:
We bought two pink goody bags full of a variety of stuff - magazines, notebook, highlighters, chocolates and so on and all of the proceeds go towards the Breast Cancer Foundation. So we thought this was a worthy cause to support.

Bianca and I got all dressed up in Victorian clothes and got our photo taken. Bianca found it quite funny that in those days people didn't smile when they got their photographs taken, so we both sat there with our serious faces on.

In the Victorian Village (which is an area at MOTAT where they have these cute little houses to show how people lived in the old days) they had some Victorian type of games set up (but we didn't have time to try them out) and they also sold some pink candyfloss, toffee apples, popcorn and lemonade.

We met Erin Simpson, one of the presenters from Sticky TV. She introduced herself to us as we waited for the parade to start. That is pretty cool, to actually meet somebody on TV and she is really nice and down-to-earth.

And then the highlight of today was the parade. Bianca was a "princess" and Bridgette, the event coordinator at MOTAT organised a special princess crown for Bianca to wear during the parade. Bianca then got to choose the car that she wanted to have a ride in and chose this beautiful pink Cadillac.

So there was Bianca riding in the front of a pink Cadillac right in front and several other cool cars following and they went all around MOTAT. Bianca proudly waved at everybody. Erin, the Sticky TV presenter was in the car right behind Bianca.

The lady who owns the Cadillac (Sharon) then gave Bianca and Caitlyn each a pink balloon and Bridgette gave Bianca a Girl Power t-shirt. Thank you Bridgette, for making Bianca's (and our) day really really special.

I have to say that MOTAT is definitely one of our favourite places to go to and it was a great conclusion to my birthday weekend.

Thank you for all the wonderful wishes I received including a telephone call from Verity (one of my very special friends from South Africa) as well as my mom - thank you very much, you made my day!

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