And we are in Christchurch

This morning as we waited for the shuttle to get us, Bianca and Sanna first played the Billy Goats Gruff game. This is where one of them pretend to be the troll and the other the Billy Goats Gruff and then they swap. Bianca really enjoys this game. Another favourite of Bianca is to play the Gingerbread game. This is where you have to pretend to “roll her out”, then put her in the oven. Then she will say “let me out, let me out” and then you have to pretend to open the oven and then she will jump up and run away. So then it was Sanna’s turn to be the gingerbread man. Bianca rolled her out, pretended to cut out the shape, then put her in the oven. Then Sanna said “let me out, let me out” and then Bianca “opened the door” and before Sanna could jump up Bianca said “I closed the door again”. So then Sanna just had to lie there and pretend to be baked. It was really funny.

Got to the airport and our flight was on a small aeroplane. Elijah and his family were with us on the same flight. It was a “bumpy” ride and we had quite a bit of turbulence. Bianca had lots of fun and she enjoyed the whole experience of being on an aeroplane. For me the downside was that our flight was delayed for 30 minutes.

I haven’t seen much of Christchurch as yet, but the little bit that I saw seemed really nice, the hospital is right by the Avon and you can take a little boat out if you want, it is quite peaceful and on the grassy areas there are some benches and people can feed ducks and so on. It is quite flat (a good thing, because I had to carry Bianca from Ronald McDonald house to the hospital).

The hospital is quite a bit different. She will get her treatment in CHOC which is the dedicated children’s oncology ward. So tomorrow we will get a proper look at how they work. Bianca didn’t like having her wiggle put in and so she cried a bit, but I suppose mostly because of the strange environment.

Saw Kyah’s parents and it was good to catch up with them. They have over 700 beads, so quite a lot that they have been through.

This evening at the RMH we had the Army band playing and singing Christmas Carols and we had a nice typical Christmas meal – turkey, potatoes and vegetables and chocolate pudding.

The house seems really nice and there is a really nice play area inside and outside for Bianca.

Tomorrow morning we have to be there at 8am and it will be a long long day.

Now I am off to bed for an early start tomorrow morning.

Medicines today:
  • Omeprazole - 1 capsule a day
  • Fluconozole - 10 ml at night

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Sharon said...

Connor & I made Gingerbread men over the weekend. He can't seem to say Gingerbread men and calls them Jinglebread men. I am not as adventerous as Ouma Amanda so I put all the ingredients in myself but Connor cut them out and decorated them. And he loves them. He has practically eaten the whole batch already.