Day 32 - Delayed Intensification

This morning we went to the hospital at approximately 9:00. They were really really busy and so eventually at 11:30 Bianca managed to get her Cytarabine. While we waited, Bianca got her face painted by some people who were at Ward 19 providing some entertainment for all the kids. She chose a butterfly.

We also received a wonderful hamper from CCF and a funny puzzle kind of gadget that looks quite tricky, but I am sure will be lots of fun for Bianca - thank you so very much.

Bianca is still getting Thioguanine every evening at home until next week. And then next week she will have her final 4 doses of Cytarabine. We have to be back at the hospital next Thursday and so will be able to spend Christmas day at home and we won't have to "rush" to get to the hospital. I am very pleased that we will have the opportunity to spend the day together as a family.

Bianca seems to have a bit of a cough and I am just hoping it does not develop into anything. It is not very regular or persistent at the moment, but it is bringing back memories of our 34 days in hospital with a viral infection.

At the moment it almost feels like the last lap of the race. The end of the intensive treatment is so very close and at times I want to get quite impatient as I just want to get there now. Reaching Maintenance feels quite good, but at this stage I realise that the past 6 months were quite full on and at the moment I feel a bit exhausted. It is hard imagining my life without going to the hospital or administering medicines.

Medicines today:

  • Omeprazole - 1 capsule a day
  • Fluconozole - 10 ml at night
  • Thioguanine - 1 tablet at night [chemo]
  • Cytarabine (through port) [chemo]

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