Day 40 - Delayed Intensification

My day started with Caitlyn waking up at 4:30 this morning and refusing to go back to sleep. Then at 09:00 she fell asleep pretty quickly, but only for an hour. I tried to catch a bit of a sleep and thank you to Sanna, she heard Caitlyn cry at 10:00 and kept her busy for a little bit. Then when it was time for her afternoon nap, it was once again just an hour. Not really enough and she was quite fussy the whole day.

Terence and Bianca went to Queen Elizabeth Park and when they got there realised that there was some or the other Vintage Fair happening. Bianca got a ride on a horse and she really enjoyed it. They also went in a tram. I think the fair is still on tomorrow and Monday and Terence is keen to go again.

Bianca had to go into hospital this afternoon at 2pm for her Cytarabine again and is due the last Cytarabine tomorrow. This will be the very last one on her treatment plan. I am so pleased they changed how they give it. Bianca hates it when they have to give it in her leg (just under the skin) and this is just so much better and less hassle.

And her mood is still really good, so we are enjoying it as much as we can. She seems to have a lot of energy at the moment and really enjoys playing lots of different games.

Medicines today:
  • Fluconozole - 10 ml at night
  • Cytarabine through the port [chemo]
  • Thioguanine - 1 tablet at night [chemo]


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for checking in on Megan!

Bianca is a beautiful girl! DI is the hardest part..you're getting there. :)

Christina - Megan's mom

Debbe said...

Hi! SO glad to have a new friend in this long journey! Bianca is adorable! Please keep intouch and feel free to email any questions if I can help I would love to be there for you! It looks like you are having fun and that's great! We are adding you to our prayer list and we wish you a very healthy and happy new year!
Love and Blessings, Debbe (Hannah's Mom)

Angie said...

Hi Whites! Thanks for your note in Will's Guestbook. it's always nice to hear from the folks who check out his site.
He and I sat and looked through your site earlier today and had fun seeing all your pictures! He wanted to know who you all were and especially was interested in the "fun" pictures of the Bianca playing with her toys. He'd like to know if maybe someday he could come over and play that Hungry Hungry Hippos game with Bianca. I tried to explain that you all live VERY far away...but that was lost on him...he just said "that's ok, we can do it, Mommy!" LOL.
It brought back lots of memories to think of where we were in Will's treatment and how he was doing when he was going through DI. Wow, what a difference to where he is now. Just wait, it won't be too much longer and you'll be in LTM (Long Term Maintenance) and things will start getting much much easier and her energy levels will start to perk up some. I was so glad to say goodbye to the Cytarabine and ARAC and all that high dose chemo. And I know you'll be glad to see it go away too.
You're one strong mommy and woman and you have beautiful children and wonderful hubby. Stay strong as a family and keep fighting hard. It really is a team effort as a family.
Sending love across the ocean to our new friends in New Zealand.
Angie, Sam, Will & Katie Armstrong