Day 42 - Delayed Intensification

Tonight was the very last oral chemo of this phase. Now it is waiting for counts to come back up. Her counts are a little bit low at the moment and she may need some blood and platelets on Thursday. I hope they will come up by then, because a blood transfusion takes really long.

We have to be at the hospital on Thursday for a blood check and then back again on Friday to see Doctor Sullivan who will be up from Christchurch. I can't wait until we have somebody based in Wellington. If we did have somebody then that would have probably meant 1 visit on Thursday for blood count and at the same time meeting with the oncologist, but Doctor Sullivan is only here in Wellington on certain days at the moment.

I heard Doctor Anne left today. She was going to stay until end January, so I am not too sure why the sudden decision, although I do have my own opinion. I'm really really sorry she left. She was with us from the start. She was there when I burst out crying the day we got the diagnosis, she was there when Bianca was admitted into hospital with a mystery virus that just did not want to go away. She was there when Bianca reacted to her medicines. So I will miss her lots and lots. I am just so thankful that we are through with our intensive phase pretty much and that she walked this intensive journey with us.

Doctor Sullivan does seem nice so that is a blessing. He also seems to know his stuff and that feels very comforting.

Tonight Bianca has a bit of a runny nose, so we are keeping an eye on it and maybe just making sure that we have a bag packed, for just in case.

Medicines today:
  • Fluconozole - 10 ml at night
  • Thioguanine - 1.5 tablet at night [chemo]

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