Day 39 - Delayed Intensification

This afternoon at 14:00 Terence and Bianca had to be back at the hospital for her second Cytarabine this week. Only 2 more to go and then no more Cytarabine. They just give it through the port and they keep the wiggle in for the 4 days. It was a really quick day so that was good.

Bianca is still in great spirits so we are having lots of fun. This afternoon she acted out "The Little Red Riding Hood" along with Sanna and they pretended that Caitlyn was the grandmother who got "gobbled up". Of course Caitlyn just sat there not really knowing what was going on, but enjoying the attention nonetheless.

We phoned the hospital to confirm Bianca's neutrophil levels and they are low, but at least she is not neutropenic. The cough is still there a bit, but doesn't seem to get worse at the moment. Still keeping an eye on it.

Tonight Sanna and I went to go and see The Golden Compass at the movies and went to the Gold Lounge. It was great, although the movie wasn't really what I expected. Terence stayed at home with the girls and it was nice having a break for a change. The novelty factor is great and the waiter carried our popcorn and coke in on a tray. It had nice comfortable reclining chairs with a little fold-out table where we could put our drinks and snacks. We also ordered an Asian platter to share which they brought halfway through the movie.

Other than that, nothing major. It was a wonderfully uneventful day. I have come to appreciate days like these, knowing that they could change so quickly.

Medicines today:
  • Fluconozole - 10 ml at night
  • Cytarabine through the port [chemo]
  • Thioguanine - 1 tablet at night [chemo]

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