Just a thank you after the Christchurch trip

I just wanted to take a quick opportunity to say thank you to everybody at CHOC for helping us on Tuesday even though you were already really busy and this is also thank you for helping out with the return flights. Thank you to CCF for telling Father Christmas that Bianca would be at CHOC - he left her a really big present and wow, it really made her day. She has already tried it out at home and I think it will become one of her favourites. Also a big thank you to Ronald McDonald house in Christchurch for letting us stay. I have never stayed at RMH and couldn't believe what a well run facility it is. I could not have asked for a better "home away from home". And then of course thank you to all our wonderful nurses as well as Karen at Ward 18 whose difficult job it was to organise the travel with really short notice. You also had to deal with all my questions about the trip. So thank you to all involved!!!

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Sharon said...

So, what did Father Christmas give Bianca? You can't just leave us dangling in suspense like that.