Day 24 - Delayed Intensification

Take a good look. This is me with hair... Tomorrow it will all be gone. Tomorrow I will be participating in the Funrazor event. Click here for my fundraising site.

A big thank you also to Brian & Lindy Wilson, Rialize Nel, Philippa, Lizette, a mystery person named "Best Wishes" and Mike Kmiec for your donations. I really appreciate your support. To everybody who supported me with their donations, I will do you proud tomorrow when I get my hair shaved off!

So today was okay. Bianca was actually a bit talkative, had a sense of humour from time to time and was interested in doing some things like playing with play doh. So that was pretty nice. She did have the odd "down" moment, but we had many more "happy" moments. It seems that her favourite show at the moment is Snow White. She's been watching it over and over. So I will be looking for a DVD or something for her.

We haven't received the final culture results back, but it appears as if it is the same as what she had last week and it seems as if we are in for a 10 day admission to administer IV antibiotics. Thank goodness for Sanna, because I would not have coped if I still had to take Caitlyn to the hospital with me - can you just imagine the struggle and I think that will be one "fight" I won't win... :-).

Caitlyn has this new thing where she pulls herself into a standing position against Bianca's plastic table and then she pushes it forward, "walk" a few steps, pushes the table, "walk" a few steps. I don't think she realises what she is doing, but it is so cool to watch!

Medicines today:
  • Tazocin (through IV)
  • Gentamicin (through IV)
  • Co-trimoxazole - 6.25 ml in the morning, 6.25 ml at night
  • Omeprazole - 1 capsule a day
  • Fluconozole - 10 ml at night


Sharon said...

Don't forget to post a photo of yourself without hair tomorrow. We want to see the after as well. Good luck.

Angus said...

I am sorry Bianca is poorly. We also had a childcare crisis back in January when Kezia got an infection and had to stay in hospital - my brother and sister-in-law looked after Jaime for several days but it was really too much for them. Fortunately, it hasn't happened again but anyway our social worker has arranged for Nanda and Jaime to stay in a hotel next to the hospital if it does happen.

Explain to us who Sanna is!

Look forward to seeing Thursday's photo as well!

Lea White said...

Thanks Sharon, I will definitely post a photo of myself with no hair.

Lea White said...

Hi Angus,

Yes, I am a bit disappointed that the infection is still happening. Not fun, but that is all part of the process. We don't have any family in New Zealand and so decided to get an Au Pair to help us out. Sanna is our Au Pair and she is from Sweden. She stays in our house and so we have the flexibility when we have to go to hospital at short notice.

Having Sanna is a great decision. Caitlyn stays in her routine, and because Caitlyn doesn't have to go to daycare we don't have to worry about infections, chicken pox and so on.

Sanna also helps out with Bianca when she is home and that gives me time to do grocery shopping and so on.

Definitely one of the best decisions we made!!

We initially kept Caitlyn in daycare, but ended up with somebody there picking up chicken pox and so I had her with me and Bianca at hospital for 3 weeks every day and lucky at that stage she wasn't yet mobile.

I am glad you also managed to get a solution. It is sometimes really tough when you have to figure out what will work best.

I will post a photo tomorrow after I lost all my hair...

Anonymous said...

Hi Lea,

Just a quick note to wish you luck for today - hope the weather is nicer in Wellington and your head doesn't freeze (it's cold down here!) I think you are such a star to be doing this and am in awe of your bravery! Can't wait to see the after pics - we'll have Kaleb's up on the journal tonight too.
Big cuddles to Bianca, hope she's feeling much better soon.
Shanell and Kyah xxx