Day 21 - Delayed Intensification

Not much happening today. Bianca slept most of it. She watched Happy Feet and quite enjoyed it. There were a few moments today that Bianca seemed quite happy, but parts where she was quite clingy and insisted Terence sits next to her throughout the movie.

Thank goodness the Dexamethasone is finished today so hopefully soon Bianca will be her old energetic self again.

Today was exactly 6 months since Bianca was first admitted to hospital. 6 Months ago I was waiting for Terence and Bianca to return from the hospital, just to be told that she would have to be admitted. 6 Months ago, we were first told that Bianca had low red blood cells and low platelets, I remember doing a frantic search on the internet and the only thing that kept popping up was "leukemia" (of course we didn't know for sure on that day as they were still doing tests). I remember pacing up and down, up and down that whole day as I waited at home - I thought that time never went as slow before as on this day. Wow, it feels so long ago and looking back I realise just how far we have come, but also how long we still have ahead of us.

Medicines today:
  • Dexamethasone - 3.5 tablets in the morning, 4 tablets at night
  • Omeprazole - 1 capsule a day
  • Cefaclor - 12 ml, 3 times a day for four days, whereafter 6 ml at night every night
  • Fluconozole - 10 ml at nigh

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Greg and Joy Ryan said...

glad to know she is finished with the steroids today. we have a couple more days left then a little break.hopefully she will get a break before starting new meds. thinking of you.
joy ryan