Day 26 - Delayed Intensification

A big thank you to Patrick McHale for sponsoring me to participate in the Funrazor event, you have played an important part in making the event a success and we really appreciate it.

We featured on the front page in The Dominion Post this morning. Click here for the link. I'm getting used to no hair, although was wearing a bandanna today because it is a bit cold at the moment and I didn't realise that it would be much colder without hair.

Today I got to the hospital around 1pm. I had a few things to do this morning, so Terence stayed with Bianca until I arrived. He said that she was really happy this morning, but by the time I got there, she was tired and having a nap. Of course when she woke up from the nap, she was extremely grumpy. She did lighten up again at approximately 15:45 or so.

So I understand that apart from the bacterial infection (still can't remember the name), she has some pneumonia in her lungs. Of course I couldn't see any obvious symptoms, but Doctor Amy indicated that it shows up on the X-rays. Speaking of X-rays, she had another one this morning.

She is booked for theatre on Monday, but at this stage it is not certain whether she would be well enough to have chemo next week and we are looking at a possible delay. I am really hoping and praying that there are no delays. We are so close to reaching the Maintenance milestone.

Last night Terence went to his Christmas party, but I didn't have the opportunity to go along as Bianca is still in hospital and we don't like leaving her on her own. So Sanna babysat Caitlyn, I stayed with Bianca and Terence went to his Christmas party and then took over from me afterwards and I went home.

It was Doctor Amy's last day with us today. She's been helping Doctor Anne for a number of months now and she was really good with the kids. From Monday she will be in another area of the hospital as part of her training.

And then, now at the end of the year when you might be clearing the toyboxes or other areas in your home, please consider donating toys (toys that can easily be washed, wiped down and sterilised), books, complete board games, complete puzzles, arts and crafts items, videos, DVDs (zone 4), PS2 games and so on - basically anything suitable for babies to kids (up to 15) to Kate, the play specialist here at Ward 18. She doesn't have a budget at all and it is her responsibility to provide entertainment to the kids who spend their days at the hospital.

A lot of what Kate does involve "distraction" where she tries to distract the kids when some of the more painful and traumatic things happen like when Bianca needed those 6 injections into her leg, or when they put a nose tube in and just the other day Kate spent an hour sitting with one of the boys and in the end she managed to get him to swallow his pills successfully.

Kate is one of the reasons the kids actually enjoy coming to the hospital - there are lots of really good and popular nurses, but Kate is the one with the fun stuff. She is the one who helps the kids get through the long days. Let me tell you as a mom who often sits there the whole day - Kate is a lifesaver. It is hard sometimes to get the energy to come up with fun things to do.

If you are not in New Zealand, then do consider donating all those unwanted items to your local children's hospital. In our case, Kate relies solely on donations, so it does make it hard to replace broken or incomplete toys and games.

Medicines today:
  • Tazocin (through IV)
  • Gentamicin (through IV)
  • Omeprazole - 1 capsule a day
  • Fluconozole - 10 ml at night
  • Metronidazole (through IV)
  • Erythromycin (oral antibiotic)

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lindai said...

oh no! I did not read Bianca was in the hospital now. Is she on bactrim or anything normally? Tristan is on Bactrim for three years they said. Mon, Wed and Fri. it is an antibiotic that prevents pnemonia.

(((BIANCA))) I hope she can come home soon!