Day 33 - Delayed Intensification

Today was just a nice relaxing day. Nothing major, apart from expecting Bianca's counts to be a little low at this stage. We pretty much spent the day at home. Terence had to mow the lawns and Bianca decided to help him for a little bit and then afterwards she wanted to water parts of the garden. She had lots of fun and was laughing and smiling. It's good to see her like this.

Caitlyn is very very busy and quick. So I was on the go when she was not asleep. I do enjoy this phase of her development and she does the cutest things. She has now learned to wave and clap hands and of course when she stands up against the little green plastic table, then she "walks" pretty fast. She is 10 months old today.

I cannot believe that Christmas is so very close. But in saying that we are nearly ready. Just still need to draw up shopping lists to make sure we have enough food and other things to see us through when the shops are closed.

Bianca is so excited and she keeps pointing out the presents with her name written on it. It will be interesting to see how Caitlyn will be on this day.

Jono from Plimmerton Presbyterian Church came past today to drop off some Sunday School activities that I can do with Bianca at home. I am hopeful that once she reaches Maintenance her counts will stay high enough all the time so that I can take her again, up to now her counts were either too low or she was stuck in hospital. But at least in the meantime I will be able to do some interesting stuff with her, so thank you so much!

So tonight I have a "date" with a huge pile of ironing :-).

Medicines today:

  • Omeprazole - 1 capsule a day
  • Fluconozole - 10 ml at night
  • Thioguanine - 1 tablet at night [chemo]

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

That date is one every mother faces weekly, sick child or not, Christmas or not ! Seasons greetings from the other side of the world. My daughter was on the intense ALL treatment last Christmas and I know the tiredness you are feeling with the running in and out of hospital, med adminitration and that Christmas list in the back of your mind. Leonie is on Maintence now and it is so much easier for her (and I).

Wishing your dear daughter and your family a much better year ahead than the last and a happy Christmas all together,

Hope you find something interesting on radio or tv to pass the time ironing, regards,

Rosie in Dublin