Day 31 - Delayed Intensification

Wow, another donation for Funrazor. Thank you Alfred and Chell!

It felt really good to be back at Wellington Hospital. Don't get me wrong, Christchurch Hospital is great, but it was good to be back in an environment and with people that we know really well. Got there and Bianca asked to see Kate, the play specialist. The two of them then had lots of fun and Kate always manages to make Bianca smile. Then it was time for Bianca's chemo which was Cytarabine into her port.

We had a bit of a scare this morning at the hospital. One of the other patients (I think she is nearly fnished or recently finished with her treatment) picked up chicken pox. And I think she got a rash yesterday morning. So at first we were worried that Bianca may have been exposed on Saturday at the CCF Christmas party, but then they told us that it is highly infectious 48 hours prior to the rash showing and this would then be from Monday, so whew, big sigh of relief.

Unfortunately now that Bianca doesn't have much of an immunity it is easy for her to get things like chicken pox or measles regardless of whether she had it before or received immunisations before. And these illnesses are really serious and can cause extensive delays. And then just for all you folks out there just so that you know - it is so important for others to let people like us know, the moment their children develop chicken pox or measles, if there was a chance that children like Bianca could be exposed. This will then give us the opportunity to look at ways of minimising the risk or preventing Bianca getting the disease and of course isolating her so that she is not in contact with other cancer children in the event of exposure. Even when you are not 100% sure if kids like Bianca was actually exposed, rather give us the opportunity to take action.

In this case, the hospital was able to take some action and we are all just so thankful that the highly infectious period came after the CCF party last Saturday.

Not so long ago (well a couple of months actually) the daycare center where Caitlyn went immediately contacted us when they found out that one of the babies' older sisters picked up chicken pox. We knew that it was likely that the baby would develop chicken pox and the baby was in Caitlyn's group. This gave us the opportunity to remove Caitlyn from daycare for a few weeks to avoid Caitlyn getting chicken pox. That was really helpful!

Today I was pretty tired and after the hospital we came home. I didn't do too much today, but tomorrow will be another busy day for us. I can honestly not believe that Christmas is next week already which makes "next year" in less than 2 weeks. And of course with "next year" will come Maintenance - a big milestone in our books!

Medicines today:

  • Omeprazole - 1 capsule a day
  • Fluconozole - 10 ml at night
  • Co-trimoxazole - 6.25ml twice a day
  • Thioguanine - 1 tablet at night [chemo]
  • Cytarabine (through port) [chemo]

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