Day 41 - Delayed Intensification

So today was a day of "last", well actually this phase had a couple "lasts" in them.

A while ago we saw the last of those horrible Asparaginase or rather Erwinia (the 6 injections into Bianca's legs which was a replacement as Bianca reacted quite badly to the Asparaginase before). It couldn't come soon enough. So I am just so glad it is over and done with.

Then of course we still needed to get the Cytarabine which for us in all the prior phases was a little plastic gadget inserted in Bianca's leg (which we called a butterfly) so that they could administer the chemo just under the skin. So I was dreading the moment as Bianca hates it with a passion, but I really just wanted to get on with it. I was so pleased when they changed it this time round to be through her port, what a wonderful relief. But today was the very very last Cytarabine in this treatment plan.

Tomorrow will be the very last day of chemo in this phase and this is the very last phase of the intensive treatment before we start on our Long term Maintenance. And now when 2008 arrives, then we will be able to start saying "treatment only until next year".

So after the treatment today and a blood test, they had to remove the wiggle from Bianca's port and she didn't really like it, but nothing major. All in all a 5 minute visit. Not sure when we have to be back, but I suspect it is next week Friday and then we will hopefully be able find out when we will start again.

Terence and Bianca went to the fair again today and Bianca was hugely disappointed that they missed the horse rides.

Medicines today:
  • Fluconozole - 10 ml at night
  • Cytarabine through the port [chemo]
  • Thioguanine - 1.5 tablet at night [chemo]

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