And so it begins...

It's only been the first day of steroids and the tears (or rather sobbing) have started, all because Terence took just a little too long with reading stories. That's steroids for you... Sigh!!!


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you Lea, I can imagine this must be extremely trying and heart breaking!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lea,
That was such a great newspaper article about Bianca. I really enjoyed it. And I'm so glad that your early Christmas was such a success. I must look ahead on next years diary to see if Pete is on steroids next Christmas (please no!)
Sorry to hear about Bianca's platelets, but I bet you will enjoy the chemo holiday. I always love them.
A big "good luck" on this steroid pulse. I hope that Bianca is not too bad on them. Pete starts his on monday and hopefully they will be out of his system by Camp Quality.
Take care,

Annie - Steven's mom said...

Hi Lea
Sending you a really big hug - one for each of you.
love and light

Annie Fox! said...

People are taking so long to tell me stories lately too - I must try the sobbing trick.

It's been great catching up with the White Family's adventures throughout the year - thanks for the blog.

Have a great Xmas and New Year.