Girls' night in isolation

Temp is up again to above 38. White cell count is up slightly, but still no idea what neutrophils are as they are not yet able to measure it. So from a doctor's perspective she is what they call Febrile Neutropenic. And in the meantime we'll have a girls' night here in Bianca's isolation room in Ward 24 at Starship. Tonight is my turn to stay with Bianca and Terence has gone home to spend the afternoon / evening with Caitlyn.

From what I understand Bianca will stay in hospital until her neutrophils are high enough and the temperature is back to normal and even though they haven't ruled out Camp Quality this coming weekend it is starting to look unlikely that she will be well enough to attend camp on Sunday for the next 5 days.

They still have no idea what is causing her runny tummy and every single test has come back clear, so as far as we can see, no bugs! Tomorrow a doctor from the gastro unit will come and have a look and try help us figure out what is causing it and how we can fix it. So in the meantime I am writing down what she eats / drinks and when she needs to go to the toilet and then maybe we can find some kind of pattern in that.

For most of it Bianca is in good spirits. She had great fun drawing some pictures earlier and I even managed to convince her to eat and drink a little bit. Despite the fact that she cannot leave the room at all, she is still smiling and not even complaining one bit. Instead I think she is loving the chance to watch the Disney channel on tv (which we don't have at home) and she's now decided the PowerPuff Girls are definitely her favourite.

And then Shanell (Kyah's mum) has decided to team up with 3 other ladies and they will be shaving their hair for the 2009 Funrazor event. They hope to raise around $50,000 between the 4 of them with every single cent going to CCF. They will be setting up their fundraising site soon as they've had so many requests of people who are keen to start contributing and they have also created a journal where they will update us all on their stories, their progress, photos and so on. Please visit the site and add it to your favourites. Shanell is one of the strongest, most amazing and inspirational people I have ever met.

Click here to visit Shanell's original journal (Kyah's Journey).
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Anonymous said...

I'm really hoping that the Dr's can figure out what is causing all Bianca's problems and that by some miracle she can be well enough for her camp on the weekend.