To be able to make a difference

For most of our journey we are just living life. Fair enough it is living life with childhood cancer, but we are still just doing what we need to, taking one step after another, living each and every day as best as we can. We laugh when we can, we cry if we have to, we focus on now.

So when people like Sharon at The Not So Secret Life Of Us tell us that they get inspired through our journey, then in one way I feel surprised, because it doesn't feel like we are doing anything special except living our lives, but it also feels so incredibly good to know that in some way we are able to make a difference, that in our own little way we can brighten another person's life.

Just on Saturday, Sharon had this cool Christmas party at her home and all her guests each brought some presents for kids at some of the oncology wards in South Africa. She's such an amazing person with such a big heart that despite her own difficult journey, she can do such a wonderful thing and care so much. She said her inspiration for this party was Bianca and I'm so glad that in our own way we were able to be part of it. And one day this is what I will tell Bianca (when she's old enough to understand), how she managed to change the world in her own little way. I think that will be so cool for her to know and to take with her for the rest of her journey.

And it is these little things that makes our journey worthwhile, to know that we were able to help make a difference.

So now to go along with the initiative that Sharon mentioned on her blog where we say thank you to people in blogland who manage turn our frowns upside down:

SHARON - I absolutely have to mention Sharon (even though I mentioned her above), I think she is one of the most amazing people I have ever "met". The honesty and the fun that she incorporates in her blog, the positivity that she shows despite the challenges that she face. I learn so much from her and she has become a true inspiration to me.

KRISTY - she can write about the most ordinary everyday thing and turn it into a work of art. And usually so funny that you sit there laughing so much it hurts. It was really just by accident that I stumbled upon her blog and have become a devoted follower.

RENEE - A very inspirational blog and I just love reading up on her and her amazing kids. Little Kennedy had AML, but also has Down Syndrome, her husband is far away (he is in the millitary). Her blog is always very uplifting and makes for such good reading. Sometimes it is quite funny, but it often makes me reflect on stuff.

There are loads more that I follow. Just scroll down and look on the right hand side and you will see all the links of all these blogs that I follow pretty much on a daily basis, like Always Ours, Amalah (another side-splitting, makes you laugh so much you'll fall off your chair, kind of blog), Chatabox, Laura Blow's blog, Liam's Journey, Living with CML, Peter Pirie, Super Relish, Ben fights Leukemia, and more, just go and have a look. (Okay, okay, I know I've got a slight addicition with blogs and blogging, but I bet I'm not the only one out there...).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words Lea!

Suzanne said...

You are the best! Thank you for all the kind words!