High temperature

Terence and Bianca are on their way to the hospital. Bianca's temperature is sitting at around 38.5 and so they need to see her to decide if she needs to be admitted or not.

The whole day she's been pretty down-in-the dumps and just looking pretty unhappy. She didn't show much interest in anything, although they did manage an outing to Motat today. Other than that, Bianca pretty much just stayed on the couch. She didn't have much of an appetite either. I sort of remember a time when we were looking forward to the steroids because it made her have an appetite and nowadays, she doesn't get an appetite with steroids anymore, it just makes her miserable.

We hate, hate, hate seeing her like this. This is just so not like Bianca and we can't wait for the steroids to get out of her system. Tonight was the final dose and it couldn't come soon enough.

So now I sit and wait until Terence phones to let me know whether they will be admitted or whether they will be coming home tonight. I'm hoping for coming home, although it will be so late by the time they get there, they may as well stay the night, but I certainly am hoping they will be home by tomorrow morning.

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