Unexpected blood results

Yesterday was a long, long day for us as it was Bianca's theatre day. We were on the 1pm theatre list and eventually they called us at around 2:15pm (so at least not too late).

I was quite shocked to find out her haemoglobin- and platelet levels have dropped quite a bit and I didn't really expect that. For the past (I don't know), 2 or 3 months Bianca's levels have remained stable on the full dose of chemo. Her levels were not low enough for a transfusion (current platelet level sitting at 38 and they transfuse below 30), and it didn't affect the hospital treatments, but it does mean that oral chemo have now been put on hold and we are on "bruise-watch" to be aware if Bianca suddenly starts getting funny bruises and so on.

So in one week we have to be back at the hospital for another blood test to see if her counts have recovered enough to start oral chemo again and then she'll probably be on a lower dose to start off with.

In one way it is a nice change not to have to do chemo at night and timing Bianca 2 hours after supper each evening and so on, but in another way it is a worry when chemo has to be put on hold.

I guess it is just another reminder that things can change quickly and unexpectedly and that we should never get too comfortable.

Today was Day 1 of our steroids, so we'll see what this week holds.

And just as the last school holidays we spent the very first day of the holidays at the hospital and today (the second day of the holidays) Bianca and I went to the movies and watched Madagascar 2 which we throughly enjoyed.


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine what this must be like for all of you! I really hope that next weeks results are everything you need them to be!
Thinking of you all.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the low blood counts. Hopefully they will be back up at your next appointment.
Thinking of you and Bianca.

Suzanne said...

Keeping you all in my thoughts!