Early Christmas

Our early Christmas celebration made the news! (Click here for the news article).

I've never seen anybody move so fast from being completely asleep to up and opening the presents Santa left, as Bianca did on Sunday morning.

The kids absolutely loved their presents and went completely crazy. I think Caitlyn is going to be a bookworm one day because the books she got was a definite hit and Bianca loved, loved, loved the knittng set my mother sent her. She couldn't wait to get started and asked "can I knit myself a coat?" They got loads of other presents too and I have to say they have been thoroughly spoilt. But it's just once a year, so it doesn't really matter.

Other than that, we had a quiet, relaxing day.

In some respects it was so cool to have our celebration early. There were no horrible steroid side-effects and Bianca also had the best time ever. Of course it would have been nice if we didn't have to deal with medicines with horrible side effects and as a result shift important celebrations.

I keep feeling as if Christmas is over and done with and then at the shops you see the mad crowds rushing around getting last minute shopping done, loading their trolleys with food and stuff and you hear the Christmas carols, then of course Christmas is very much still happening. But when I see all those people rushing around like mad things, I have to say in that respect I'm pleased we don't have to be running around doing last minute shopping anymore. But next year this time if all goes well, we will be celebrating Christmas on the 25th just like everybody else...


Anonymous said...

We had the first part of our Christmas celebration on Saturday the 20th as well and I thought of you all.
I'm glad the day went off well.

Sandrea said...

Dear Lea, Terence, Bianca & Caitlyn,

Merry Christmas!!
All the best and zhappy 2009 =)