Saying goodbye to Jody

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our Au Pair, Jody. Jody arrived from Canada in May this year and for the past 7 months became one of our family. We've been so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful girls join our family such as Sanna and Sandrea and Jody. Saying goodbye is always so incredibly difficult and yesterday was no exception.

We put together a little video clip of Jody's time in New Zealand (click here to watch - you will need sound)

Jody, thank you so much for everything you have done for us, thank you for the laughs and the fun moments you shared with the kids. The house is much quieter without you here and we will miss you lots.


Sandrea said...

Couldn't believe it had been 7 months!

By the way, Caitlyn had grown so much!

Anonymous said...

I can imagine how incredibley difficult that must be! :-(