Hospital update

We are still in hospital. No idea as yet when we will be discharged. Today Bianca's neutrophils are up from 0.00 to 0.02. Still very very neutropenic, but coming up which is really good and she's still getting temperatures ranging from the low 37s to the mid 38s. But overall Bianca is in good spirits. We had to tell her that she will not go to camp this coming Sunday and as expected she's a bit disappointed, but Bianca usually just accepts these kind of things. We'll just have to do something fun when she's discharged from hospital. I'm staying with her again tonight and it sounds as if she wants me to stay again tomorrow night but I'll check again in the morning.

Today we had a discussion about poo. Not Winnie-the-Pooh kind of discussion, but all the tummy issues Bianca's been having. We saw a registrar as well as a specialist from the gastro team and they don't seem overly concerned. It doesn't seem to be related to her diet, they've tested for any of the usual bugs and things and so it is probably just her body's way of dealing with whatever virus might be looming somewhere in her body. They do suspect she has some kind of virus which is why she keeps getting these fevers. They also suspect that this is also just as a result of chemo and it does sometimes happen so for now we'll just sit it out and wait and see if it starts getting better. And touch wood, so far today has been better. Of course Bianca did think it was awfully funny that there could be a Poo Doctor and somehow I don't think this will be a profession she will end up choosing.

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