How would you see the stars?

Yesterday I read something very beautiful and so true in the latest Update Newsletter from the Child Cancer Foundation:

"I have learnt that on a journey, sometimes the road is very dark, but without darkness how would you see the stars?" (12 year old bereaved sibling Tamara Jenkin).

When I read that I thought "wow, that is so true and such a beautiful way to look at life and life's challenges".

And of course I was also reminded how often we think our situations are really bad until you hear of what some other people are facing, like grandmother Cathy James who has been looking after her three grandchildren for more than 6 years. There is Emma (7) who from a very young age had a lot of health problems like super-numerary tooth and severe infection of the tonsils (which Cathy suspects were linked to foetal alcohol syndrome) and then at age 3 was diagnosed with cancer of the saliva glands (which is known in heavy smokers or drinkers, but not really a type that a three year old usually gets).

Then there is also Ryan (11) who is autistic and has behavioural problems and Jack (9) suffers from acute epilepsy and high anxiety.

That sound so incredibly tough and challenging and makes us realise just how blessed we really are!


Anonymous said...

I love that quote!!! I'm definitley a believer of having to walk in the darkness to appreciate the light.

Anonymous said...

This quotation from such a young child is quite chilling. We tend to forget the insight that even children have and she obviously has gone along a tough road. My heart aches for so many people who have such unbelievable challenges. Like you and your family! And the blessings you have received as well. May Heavenly Father bless you, your family and all those who read this blog with a blessed Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.

Amanda said...

That quote is so touching, it puts life into perspective. You are a very brave family indeed.
Have a fantastic weekend, lots of love, Amanda.