"Fly! Fly!"

It's official, my 21 month (well, almost 22 month) old is suffering from a phobia. Flies... which in the summer is practically impossible to avoid. She will completely freak out at the mere sight of one. In fact it happened this afternoon when Caitlyn had an afternoon nap. I pretty much just put her in bed and then heard this terrified scream, so I rushed upstairs.

Me: "what's the matter?"

Caitlyn: "Bee!", "Bee!"

Me: "There's no bee, look"

Caitlyn: "Bee!" (pointing)

Me: "no, that's a fly"

Caitlyn: Screaming, "Fly!', "Fly".

So I had to take her out of the room to calm down and then she decided she would go and sleep in Bianca's bed. Well, she had a great sleep and didn't even fall out of bed. So tonight is the big night where we will try and let her sleep in a big bed. Here's hoping it all goes well. Right now she thinks it is pretty funny to keep jumping out of bed and knocking on her door.

But since the nap, Caitlyn is absolutely terrified of flies. Maybe she was slightly asleep and then a fly landed on her hair or her face or something. But this fear will be slightly hard to get over I guess, it's not exactly as if we can avoid flies now during summer.

This afternoon Bianca got pretty sick. She vomitted all her supper all over the bathroom floor. Lucky she was on a tiled surface and not on the carpet. So I really really hope it is not the start of a bug or something. At the moment she does feel better so I'm really hopeful.

This weekend we are celebrating Christmas so even though it is still early for the rest of you, we would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a very successful 2009. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so very much for all the wonderful support we have received this past year. The emails, the comments, and so much more. Thank you so very much!


Sam said...

Hi Lea!

Hope your Christmas is a magical one! This will *hopefully* be our last Christmas in SA☺

Kind Regards

Anonymous said...

Hi Lea
Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope you have an awesome early celebration.

Bridget said...

Best wishes for a happy Christmas here in NZ - thinking of you all.
Bridget Kenny

Anonymous said...

Hi Lea,
Your kids are so cute!! Christmas greetings from New York. Just think that next Christmas Bianca may very well be Off Treatment! Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your beautiful daughters.

Annie - Steven's mom said...

Dear Lea and Family

Here's wishing you all a simply wonder filled Christmas this weekend.

I read this just yesterday: "There is no ideal Christmas; only the one you decide to make as a reflection of your values, desires, affections and traditions".

I hope not too many flies land on Caitlyn's gifts! LOL. Poor kid.........

And Bianca - I will be sending positive thoughts about this not being a bug too!

Love and hugs back to you all and a THANK YOU right back at you for all your support and caring.

Love and light
Steven's mom