Today was Caitlyn's second full day at daycare and... tears. Not when we dropped her off. When we dropped her off she was all smiling and happy and excited and then this afternoon when we had to go and get her she was outside.

Me: "come Caitlyn, time to say goodbye"

Caitlyn: (heading towards the slide) "lide"

Me: "Caitlyn, say goodbye slide"

Caitlyn: "no! lide"

Me: "come-on, we have to got to the shops"

Caitlyn: "shops"

Me: "come, you can choose the trolley"

Caitlyn: "No! lide"

Me: "sigh", lifting Caitlyn up

Caitlyn: "No! Lide!" tears

Me: taking Caitlyn into the class.

Caitlyn: tears "no! play!"

Me: "look Caitlyn, look at the photos of the other babies"

Caitlyn: tears

But she smiled soon enough, until I had to put her in the car, then she clearly wasn't ready to go home.

Well I definitely can't complain, much rather she cries when we have to leave than crying when we arrive, to us a sign that she is happy there. The feedback we got from them is that she is so happy, that she settled well, says hello to whoever walks through the door, she eats whatever they put in front of her (did you hear that Bianca?) and she's the kind of child that is so easy to include in activities. Whereas some children still have settling issues after 5 weeks, Caitlyn is so well settled after just 2 days. I guess having an au pair was really a great decision if you take into consideration that she is used to other people and not just me.

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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Yes, definitely better to have them cry when you're leaving!!! Yes, the Au Pair WOULD be a good idea if she existed... but you know... since she's from Canada... LOL