Mixed emotions

And so the very last day of school sneaked up on us yesterday. In a way it was a happy and a little sad for me.

Caitlyn and I got there a little bit before the end of the school day and as I stood there while Caitlyn played in the sand pit all the kids came out of the hall and gathered outside. It was the very last day at this school for all the kids in year 6 before they start Intermediate next year. And they all stood there releasing balloons. I couldn't help getting tears in my eyes as I watched the balloons float away looking smaller and smaller. Perhaps because it was so final. Perhaps a tear or two for many parents whose kids will never again be in primary school and are growing up so fast and this year releasing balloons also meant saying goodbye to incredibly brave kids like little Kyah, Matthew Litchfield, Liam Fisher, Cameron Brown, Sullivan Farrar, Dylan Mayo, Marissa Monroe, Tyler Stolp, Isaac Lieser, Bianca Bresadola, Chloe Anne Schmidt, Gabriella Rocco, Joel Wagner, Lillie Clark, and so many others, so watching these balloons just felt final. Of course I also realised that this was the very last day of Bianca's very first year of school. Never again will she be in Year 0, my little girl is growing up so fast.

Of course it is also so exciting that she did manage to attend school since July this year. That she managed to cope well and attened pretty much most of the days for the two terms that she was at school. It is so exciting that she is going to Year 1 next year. So in that respect I am so happy for her.

And of course getting Bianca's very first report card was just a "wow" feeling. It is so cool and she achieved pretty much what they wanted her to achieve. Just the physical education is not always as it is for other kids (but then I'm not surprised as the chemo does affect her abilities a little bit) and she doesn't yet have a perfect grasp on time management which I think might also be because she probably does get tired a little bit.

But either way, I'm really really proud of her.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, you are the parents of a first grader! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I've just been catching up on your blog. Seems like lots has been happening since we have been away. I hope that Brianca's tummy is feeling better and that you all have a really wonderful family Christmas this weekend.
Will Bianca be going to Camp Quality in January? If so, she will see Pete there.
Anyway, take care.

Suzanne said...

Im so proud of both your girls!! How was your early christmas?

Anonymous said...

Well done to all of you for making it through what I can only imagine must have been a pretty tough year!

Casdok said...

All sounds very positive. Brillient!!
Hope you all have the best christmas!