Still in hospital, but update on blood results

Thank you so very much for all the supportive comments and emails and messages through Facebook.

Earlier I spoke to Bianca on the phone. I haven't yet gone to see her, Caitlyn has a runny nose and right now is probably not the best time to go with Caitlyn to visit Bianca as it would probably defeat the purpose of having her in an isolation unit. She certainly sounded a bit happier and was even eating Milo Cereal (which is better than yesterday's no appetite). At the time she was negotiating with her dad to watch High School Musical and he wasn't keen (see he really doesn't like High School Musical and would give anything not to have to watch it), but of course I kindly reminded him who it was that was stuck in hospital and so he finally gave in with a "Bianca if you eat all your Milo Cereal we can watch High School Musical". So I think Bianca will be pretty happy tonight :-).

I managed to get some blood test results back (funny in our pre-cancer lifetime blood tests meant nothing, a big fat zero, but nowadays it is the main focus point in our lives).

  • Haemoglobin: On Monday - 78, Yesterday - 59, Today after two units of blood - 73 (normal range is 109 - 144)
  • Red Cell Count: On Monday - 2.34, Yesterday - 179, Today 2.31 (normal range 3.70 - 4.90)
  • Platelet Count: On Monday - 38, Yesterday - 20, Today after transfusion 77 (normal range 150 - 400)
  • White Cell Count: On Monday - 2.62, Yesterday - not sure, Today - 0.35 (normal range 4.60 - 13.40)
  • Neutrophils: On Monday - 2.32 (down from 3.81 in November), Yesterday and Today - they are not able to calculate it due to very low White Cell Count, so probably no neutrophils. (Normal range is to try and have them between 1.00 and 2.00 which is why they adjust our chemo dosages), Neutrophils are what you need to fight infections.

At this point I'm not sure how long Bianca will stay. I'm hoping that by tomorrow we will have some results back on whether there is an infection brewing or not.

Bianca is looking forward to Camp Quality on the 4th of January and I really really hope that she will still be able to go. She will be so disappointed if she has to miss out.

And now I'm going to attempt some housecleaning. With Caitlyn in bed and asleep it certainly will be more efficient than with her "helping".


Anonymous said...

Oh, Dear. I'm so sorry to hear that Bianca is in the hospital I hope she gets to feeling better very SOON and that her counts quickly improve.

Sending Prayers, Love, & Hugs, Susan
Jenkintown, Pennsylvania
United States

Anonymous said...

Oh Lea
I take a few days break from the compter and I come to find out how Bianca is doing to find this news. I'm so sorry to here that she's in the hospital and that all is not well. I hope and pray that she improves quickly so that she doesn't have to miss out on the camp she's so been looking forward to.
I hope Caitlyn gets better soon too.
Thinking of you all.