Feedback from the hospital

Terence called from the hospital.

Bianca's temperature went to 40 overnight and is currently down to around 39.4 (so she still has a fever). Last night she got a unit of blood and another unit of blood as well as platelets this morning and to top it all, she is now neutropenic which basically means she has no ability to fight infections and so this morning they will move to an isolation unit. And just as I told somebody earlier this year when they claimed that this week would be a "safe" period for Bianca, we can never assume that any period is a safe period for us. There are times when the risk is lower and other times when the risk is higher, but there are always risks involved.

I believe Bianca will be getting an X-Ray sometime this morning and they also want to test another sample to re-check for any bugs and if there is indeed an infection then they will start antibiotics.

I'm not quite sure where her actual levels are sitting at, Terence will be getting me copies of her blood test results.


Anonymous said...

We have just got back from our holiday in Matakana and I was really sorry to hear that things are going so badly. Poor Bianca and poor you all. I will be really hoping that Bianca gets better soon and can come home. It is horrible when you know something is wrong but you don't know what it is, like before Bianca's temp started going up. And I so know what you mean about Maintenance being so horrible. I don't know how we are going to get through the next year and 8 months. It is all so hard. Remember that you can ring me any time if you want to have someone to talk to about things. As I know full well how complicated things can be.
Anyway, all the best and I really hope that Bianca will be all right.
Take care,

Annie - Steven's mom said...

Thinking of you all and hoping that you get to a lower risk time period really soon.

My daughter was miserable over Christmas when her husband could not be with her, so I told her how you had Christmas early to adjust to Bianca's needs... She suddenly became very thankful for everything she has.

Sending you love and a hug too

Anonymous said...

Hi Lea,

Poor you and poor Bianca, that is not what you need. Maybe something has been brewing for awhile, with the dropped counts and runny tummy's. Here's hoping it is all sorted out quickly and she is home soon (especially in time for camp!). Lets hope they have some good drugs to kick it in the but. Our thoughts are with you all and if you need an ear to listen or a cheer up give us a call.
All our love
Hannah and family xxx

And a hug for Bianca

Anonymous said...

Hope she's OK. Thoughts and prayers are with you xox

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you tonight, and hoping Bianca can be home in her own bed soon (those hospital beds are pretty awful)!
(My name is Ava, i live in Sydney and love reading your blog along with many others, you give me strength and hope, thank you so much!)