As long as it comes with chocolate

Tonight Bianca and I made little chocolate balls. Well, basically you crush up some biscuits, mix that with some icing sugar and cocoa, add some butter and apricot jam and then you mix it all up and make little balls that you then dip into coconut. They are really yummy.

Anyway, I've been meaning to make them this whole week, but each time we just run out of time. We pretty much have to wait for Caitlyn to go to bed because an 18 month old and a variety of ingredients won't really go well together. Well, technically she is only 17 months old, but will be 18 months old tomorrow.

Anyway, so Bianca had fun helping to measure out the ingredients and mixing it all together and then she decided she would like to taste it. At first I thought she wouldn't because she isn't a fan of apricot jam or coconut. But she tried it and then said "this is yummy!"

So then I pointed out that she actually tried two new things - apricot jam and coconut, and she said "yes, I can taste the apricot jam". I then suggested that maybe next time we can put some apricot jam on a sandwich for her. She thought for a second and then said "...if it is in chocolate, then yes".

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