Wishing, wishing, wishing

Next week the Make-a-Wish volunteers will be visiting us. They will come and discuss with Bianca her wish and then possibly make that happen. So we've been discussing with her what sort of things could be a wish and Jody said if she had to make a wish, she would wish to swim with dolphins. So of course Bianca said "that's what I want" (which of course isn't really what she want and I really doubt that a 5 year old girl could actually swim with dolphins, could they?).

So tonight after I read stories I reminded her that next week we will get this special visit.
  • Bianca: "Oh I've got it, I want to swim with dolphins" (I fully blame Jody for this one...)
  • Lea: "Well, I don't think you can"
  • Bianca: "Give me 3 reasons"
  • Lea: "Hmm... well, you're not allowed to swim as long as you have your port (I pretty much know this for a fact), you are too young (I don't know, could little kids swim with dolphins?), you are not grown up enough yet (I'm sure Bianca will be ready to argue this point)"
  • Bianca: "Give me 4 reasons"
Bianca has her wish and 2 backups in place, but she needs to be sure it is what she wants and this is what they will discuss with her. It is slightly different to what she initially wanted which we established would be hard to make happen, so she's had to think of something else. This is so very exciting!

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Casdok said...

Very exciting!
I would find it hard to choose to!