Fingers crossed...

Bianca has been coughing quite a bit and days like today I actually wish we had hospital visits more often and not just once a month. I don't know at which point Bianca's cough might become a problem. Last year Bianca coughed pretty much constantly for a month (possibly longer) before it finally resulted in a viral infection (and a 34 day stay in hospital). Last time we were at the hospital the doctor assured us that her chest sounded clear.

Yesterday I kept Bianca at home because she coughed quite a bit the night before and didn't sleep very well.

I'm hopeful the cough is really just as a result of a post nasal drip and nothing else. I really don't feel like staying in hospital at this stage.

So fingers crossed...

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Annie - Steven's mom said...

Hey there Lea
Fingers firmly crossed here in Soddy Daisy for you too :)
love and light
Steven's mom