What is essence?

Tonight Bianca was watching Suzy's World. It is quite an entertaining DVD with all sorts of natural experiments like what happens when you do baking and you don't add some ingredients and so on and how jelly beans are made and so on. Terence thinks it is pretty funny and he would sit there laughing at her antics. So in the one episode she made several muffins - one with all the ingredients, one with no oil, one with no baking soda, one with no egg and so on and then she discusses why it is important that you need to have all the ingredients. So when she was adding the ingredients at one point she said "add the vanilla essence" and Bianca asked "what is essence?" (Hmm, over to you Terence...). At the end of the episode, Bianca learned that cooking is a science and you have to get the process right!

Earlier today it was resting time and we were all having a nap (aah, nothing like an afternoon nap on a Saturday afternoon). At one point I realised Bianca wasn't resting anymore and she went downstairs chatting to Jody. I called her back to her room and asked her why she wasn't resting when we told her to, her answer "my head wasn't screwed on quite right".


Anonymous said...

Ha, Ha, Ha! That DVD sounds awesome. I've never thought about cooking as science, but your are definitely correct. You get an "A!" :)

I did click on the link, only to find it was a NZ product. But you have inspired me to do a little search on the web and perhaps I'll find something similar that was issued in the States.

I hope you are all settling in at your new home. Moving is so disruptive. Everything is topsy turvy!

Sending Prayers, Hugs, & Love for Everyone, Susan
Jenkintown, Pennsylvania
United States

LindaI said...

I have such a hard time with that! When my kids ask me questions on big words. I was never good at vocab. I should get a dictionary to have handy... but it never is in the right place at the right time!