Thank you!

Today I got a really nice comment. Well, all our comments and messages are nice and we so much enjoy getting them - it is so uplifting reading it all and realising the support we have.

Some of the comments are also so inspirational, about people who walked this journey before us and it is good to know that good things do happen.

One of these comments was about a special video dedicated to Bianca. It is so beautifully done and I just love the song, but haven't heard it before. It really brought back memories of the road that we've walked and a reminder that we still have quite a way to go.

So thank you so very much and also thank you so very much to all of you who follow our journey.

Different people see this situation differently, some see this as an utter nightmare (which trust me, there are loads of times where it really is nothing but one long nightmare), others see this as a battle or a fight (I have to admit, that I do think of it as this too), but mostly I see this as a journey. The way I see it, life is a journey. Sometimes you will get to a crossroad and you won't quite know which way to go (or if you are like me, not really able to read a map properly, getting lost and ending up in a place you didn't mean to - so then you stop, ask for directions or try reading that map again...). Sometimes it rains a lot, or visibility is poor, or there are lots of uphills. Other times, the road seems fairly straightforward, but it can only happen when you have gained a bit of an understanding, when you are prepared to just take one little step at a time and take time out when you need to. When you have support in place.

So for us, this is a journey and without you, this journey would have been incredibly hard, nearly impossible and it is only with your support that we've been able to stay on track and stay focused to where we need to go. Of course we can never be sure what lies around the next corner or just over that mountain, but we are sure that we will deal with whatever comes along and do it to the best of our abilities. So thank you that you are there and that you care!

Of course we admire Bianca so much because she is such a strong little girl (I mean big girl - sorry Bianca). We learn so much from her!!!

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LindaI said...

I lost your blog bookmark for a while on another computer and found it tonight! I just wanted to check in on Bianca and see how she is doing. I See you are busy busy with a move. I hate moving too! I think we will be here for a long time though so I can put that part of life in the far future!