Only one week to go...

I realised with a bit of a shock it is only 1 more week and then we're moving. In one way I'm not really keen to move again, but in another we are looking forward to it as the new rental home will hopefully have less problems and we can hopefully settle for a while. But still, no matter how you look at it, moving is not fun. It is hard work. So I've been putting it off to pack boxes, but now I'll just have to get going otherwise we will have problems.

So we've pretty much got the moving company secured, but we still have to organise a whole load of other things like phone and gas / electricity connections and so on.

The good thing though is that many of our things are still in boxes and really all I need to do is fill them up and seal them, but there are always more important things to do (and always tomorrow...).

And as they say if it wasn't for the last minute, nothing will ever get done - and that's us for you in a nutshell!!!


Helene said...

Your blog is so inspiring! You have such a positive attitude! Sounds like your family has been through a lot. I hope your move goes smoothly!!

I loved reading the post below about the words that your 18-month old is saying. My 17-month old twins are at the very beginning stages of saying new words...isn't it fun to hear their little voices actually saying real words?!

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I'll be sure to check back in to read more of yours!

Casdok said...

Moving can be stressful especially with children.
Hope all goes smoothly fpr you all.