Only 1 more day of steroids for this month

This morning Bianca was pretty emotional and the slightest thing would set her off crying. She wasn't keen on going to school, but in the end I convinced her to go. I would be worried that if we just let her stay home for no good reason, then she might use this an excuse at a later stage. So we went to school and I asked her teacher to keep an eye on her and if need be to phone me and I would get her early from school. But in the end she had a pretty normal day at school. Then when we came home from school she only wanted specific things to eat - hello cravings!!! Then supper time came and she had no appetite and complained of a sore tummy, and just when I thought my evening couldn't get any more interesting, Caitlyn mastered the art of climbing out of her cot. Oh goodie! It was bedtime and I was in the kitchen area and I heard Caitlyn "talking" from her room, so I said "bedtime Caitlyn!" and suddenly I thought her voice sounded really close and there she was, outside her room, busy climbing up the stairs, looking very proud of herself. So from now on, we'll have to keep her door firmly closed.

Right now Bianca is fast asleep on the couch - around 30 minutes earlier than her usual bedtime and I'll have to wake her up for her chemo (and she won't like that...).

Watch the space - the next two weekends are going to be very very exciting. This coming Sunday we are going to have fun at the zoo and the next Sunday we have a very exciting day with MOTAT - but more details on this later. I can hardly wait!!!


Anonymous said...

I hope that Bianca is doing ok on the steroids at school today. I know that Pete is always worst at the very end of the steroids and for a bit afterwards. I think it's amazing that she is doing as well as she is.
Thanks so much for your supportive comments on Pete's CB. I really appreciate it.
Have lots of fun at the zoo and Motat. They are such fun places.
Take care,

Tash said...

You, Bianca and your entire family are in my thoughts Lea.

Came across from Adrian's and will definitely be back.

Enjoy the Zoo! I'm sure it's a much better zoo than our little one here...

Lots of love to you all...

Anonymous said...

Hi Lea,
Thanks so much for your lovely message on Liam's blog, This is such a terrible journey but we have met so many lovely and special people along the way. Keep strong and our thoughts and prayers are with you also.
Rebecca Todd