Still coughing

Bianca's been getting a coughing fit every so often. Still no temperatures to worry about. A big relief because apart from not really wanting to stay in hospital at the moment, I understand from Peter's mum that the hospital is completely full. Oh dear!

So today I decided to keep Bianca home from school because I want to see if she can get over the worst of this cough. She won't really be able to concentrate very well if she was to have coughing fits in class.

So overall things are not too bad, just wishing this cough would disappear. It reminds me of last year when Bianca ended up in isolation on oxygen for around 34 days with an unknown viral infection.

Let's hope the Acyclovir and IVIGs Bianca gets regularly will really do the trick!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful messages (emails and some comments) of support we've been getting! It really means a lot to us!


Anonymous said...

I am so relieved to hear that Bianca has not run a temperature and that she is doing ok. Looks like you had a great time riding the Fire Trucks. Glad you enjoyed your day!
Rosemary NY USA

Scott Langdale said...

Hi guys,

thanks for your messages of support, they help us and mean a lot.

Glad to hear Bianca's cough isn't linked to temps, I know how scarey that can be, espeically when Starship is at capacity. I spent a few nights on a mattress on the floor of a non-cancer ward up there and it was almost more scarey to me than staying at home with a sick Ollie. We think of you often and the bold move you made, especially during the frustrating times of no traction with our carers down here.

Thinking of you,

Scott & Kate.