Blessing in disguise

I never thought I'd say this - but giving Bianca Acyclovir 4 times a day, every day, turned out to be a blessing in disguise! Somebody in the junior section at Bianca's school was diagnosed with chickenpox. This child is not in Bianca's class, but all the kids in the junior section play together, and they have assembly together and so there is a small chance that there was a contact. Until the end of Bianca's treatment (September 2009), chickenpox and measles and things like that will be a risk to her. Well, it turned out that the Acyclovir she is currently getting and will probably keep getting for now is exactly what they give to kids when they have possibly been exposed. Of course this doesn't mean we will take unnecessary risks and we'll still be informed and still contact the doctors each time and discuss with them.

I also understand that there is a risk that one of the children in Caitlyn's jumping beans class might also develop chickenpox after a case at his daycare and so this means for the next 3 weeks or so we'll keep Caitlyn away to make sure the risk has passed.

Earlier today I visited one of the mums from school whose daughter is in Bianca's class. Up to now we'd see each other each afternoon as we all wait for the final bell to ring and we've chatted a bit. So today I went to visit her and typical me - I got her onto blogging (I just can't help myself). So it's been fun helping her set it up. Here is her blog.

This weekend will be mostly quiet until Sunday. Sunday we will be at MOTAT at 11am for a really really fun surprise that they are organising for Bianca. We are so excited and cannot wait!!!

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