It is official - I hate moving!

Our move to the new rental home went as good as any, I guess. It's never fun, loads of hard work and trying to get your head around the logistics such as what to do with Caitlyn while the movers are busy. But it all worked out fine. Of course my least favourite thing of all has now become a brown cardboard box and the whole action of having to pack things in and unpack them again.

The movers took some of the smaller boxes and items through the top window and that saved some time.

So basically Thursday we spent moving all our stuff and I have to say it is amazing how many other small trips you end up making in the car. Friday I went back to do the final clean-up. Of course that is just as little fun as the actual move and it is then that you realise just how big a 4 bedroom house is.

Most of you will remember when we moved into the "old" house that it was left in a pretty disgusting condition by the previous tenants (their old soaps in the showers they didn't clean, cupboards not wiped out, carpets not even vaccuumed, sigarette buds lining the outside area), so I found it quite amuzing when the landlord arrived to do the final inspection and they looked through all the cupboards, checked the showers, checked the toilets, the oven, the dishwasher and checked all the cupboards, that after they didn't seem too worried by the way the house was when we moved in. Of course we did complain about it at the time and they ended up sending a cleaner for 2 hours, and it didn't help that we've had so many other problems as well that we complained about. So I couldn't help wondering if they were trying to "catch us out" or if they were really just trying to avoid a similar problem. But either way, the day spent cleaning paid off and that house was in a way better condition than when we moved in - it actually looked clean.

The new house seems a bit colder, but I guess that is because of the tiles and wooden laminate flooring at the bottom, but certainly this house seems in way better condition and it was clean when we moved in. What a difference! We also think the layout is way better and the kitchen has way better storage than the previous house (and an oven that is all digital).

Taking a break, having an early supper in our new dining area:

Caitlyn having fun watching some Tom and Jerry on Terence's laptop:

So I am hopeful we are able to stay for a while. And we do feel that this house wouldn't contribute to any health problems with Bianca (who is still coughing a bit and seems to have developed a runny nose).

On Friday it was also Daffodil Day and I bought some real daffodils in support of the Cancer Society. They are not the same as the child cancer foundation, but this one is aimed at adult oncology patients and of course as a society they support research and so on. I don't usually have much luck with live flowers and I am hopeful that they will last just a little bit.

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