Steroids all done... for this month at least

I have to say that yesterday was definitely our worst day of steroids for this month. Today was great and apart from craving sweet things to some extend, Bianca is in a pretty good mood. Her teacher was so impressed with her great attitude this week, that Bianca received a certificate during morning assembly today. I am so pleased this week went so well because I didn't want her to miss out on school just because she was on steroids and I'm hopeful that all the other months of steroids will be just as "easy".

On Sunday we will be joining CCF Auckland branch for their mid-winter bash at the Auckland Zoo. I have no idea what will happen, but the little bits that I've heard, it sounds as if it will be lots and lots of fun. But more on this on Sunday evening.

On Sunday Terence will also leave for Wellington for a few days for work stuff and at the same time will join in with the Dad's day out in Wellington.

And in the meantime I'll be starting to pack again. That's right we are moving again. Just up the road though. We've lived in several places before and I have to say that "Faulty Towers" (my nickname for this place) has had more problems than all the others combined, and in a matter of less than 2 months too. But basically we've had a pretty bad start and on the very first day, we discovered that the place was in a pretty filthy condition and since then we've had a couple of leaks (with water dripping from the light fittings by the front door and the kitchen) and we've got this toilet that seems to block up for no good reason. Okay fair enough it doesn't leak constantly, but we are worried that leaky home = dampness = mould = I don't think we want to sit and wait around.

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