Oh the joy of steroids...

Day 3 of steroids done. 2 More to go.

Bianca still seems to cope pretty well with school despite the steroids. I'm so pleased! It was only this afternoon after school when we were busy with homework that I could see that she struggled a little bit with her concentration. She still did a pretty good job, but she was definitely not herself. And then came supper time. Because she is often pretty fussy I often end up just giving her ProNutro. Okay I know it is a breakfast cereal, but at least it is healthy and it has loads of vitamins and minerals, so this way Bianca still gets all the good stuff. But tonight she wasn't really interested in ProNutro either.

Bianca: "It is too cold"
Lea: "But that's how you make ProNutro - it is supposed to be cold"
Bianca: "But I want something warm"
Lea: Okay, what sort of warm food?"
Bianca: "Maybe oats"

So off I went and made some oats for Bianca. She only ate a little bit of oats before complaining about a sore tummy. We'll just keep an eye on that tummy (at the end of Bianca's Delayed Intensification phase a sore tummy was the only indication of an infection).

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