From the mouths of babes...

Caitlyn is so cute! She is busy learning to talk.

"Caitlyn what noise does a horse make?"
"What noise does a duck make?"
"And a cow?"
"what about a tiger?"
(usually followed with a "boo" to give you a fright)
"and a dog?"

She can point to things like her hair, nose, toes, mouth, teeth, tongue and so on.
She can say "no" for nose, "no-nay" for no-way, "mo" for more, "ba" for bath, "tee" for teeth or toothbrush or brushing teeth, she can say "bye-bye" and "ha-yo" for hello, she can say "my" for mind" and "me".

The other day I was picking up the bigger pieces of food that Caitlyn dropped on the floor during mealtime (as babies do) and suddenly she stood right against my back saying "neigh!" I guess she wanted a horse-ride...

She also really likes singing and tonight she sang (with the right tune) "ee-i-ee-i-o, moo-moo-moo". I couldn't stop laughing!

In 2 days my little baby will be an 18 month old - she is growing up so fast!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

SO cute!!! I love that age!

Casdok said...

They do grow so fast dont they!

And very cute too!