Temperature watch

Tonight we are on temperature watch. Bianca's temp is sitting in the high 37's and at times she seems to be breathing a little fast. Still coughing a lot and we are just hoping that it doesn't become worse. Overall she is still pretty interested, still has an appetite, so for now just keeping an eye on it and having a bag packed. Fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

Hoping and praying that Bianca's temperature does not increase and that she will not need hospitalization. Fingers and everything crossed for you from NY USA
Rosemary caring mother/grandmother

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I am really worry to hear that. I hope that Bianca's temp doesn't go any higher and that she feels better. The hospital is so full at the moment, with emergency cases having to spend the night in the treatment room sometimes, so I really hope you can avoid the hospital. The sooner the work is done up there the better.
Get well soon Bianca!
Take care,
Bridget and Peter

Nigel said...

I haven't visited Bianca's blog for a while and I'm sorry to find that she's under the weather right now. Hoping and praying that Bianca's temperature doesn't necessitate a trip to the hospital. Hang in there princess! Healing hugs and wishes sent from the U.K.

love, Nigel XXX