Back from camp

This afternoon Terence went to get Bianca at the Botanical Gardens which was the drop-off point after camp. Bianca was a little bit grumpy but we think it is just that she was tired and it seems she got a bit homesick since last night.

For most of it it sounds as if Bianca had a great time and they went to MOTAT, Rainbows End, they did swimming, they went in a helicopter and they even went in a hot air balloon, and so on. Bianca also spent some time playing with her friends Tui and Claudia, she met both of them at the previous camp. Last night they had their dress up party and Bianca dressed up as a pink alien.

Bianca drew some really cool pictures for us and she won a number of awards like the Fashion Runway Award for the best pink alien costume, the Supercalifragilistic award for completing the swimming pool obstacle course three times in a row, for eating and drinking as much as she could every day, for being a real cutie and having a boogie on the dance floor and the Super Girl Award for finally being able to go to her first ever summer camp.

As for eating, unfortunately as soon as we started chemo it seems Bianca's appetite went back to how it was before and she survived camp on Milo Cereal as she did not want to eat anything else. We are a bit disappointed as we were so hopeful that she would have tried some of the other things, but we are not really surprised as we sort of expected that to happen when we started her chemo again. Oh well, at least there is hope for September when chemo will hopefully finish.

We missed Bianca a lot, but we are so incredibly happy that she was able to attend and I want to say a big, big thank you to Janine Harvey, all the volunteers and then specifically Megan who was Bianca's companion. You made the week so special for Bianca!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pink alien costume, how cute!
Glad she had a great time.

Amanda said...

That is awesome!! She's a talented girl with all those awards! My boys also loved MOTAT when we visited New Zealand, it was a great experience for them.