Playing in the snow

Today we celebrated this beautiful warm Summer's day by... visiting Snow Planet.

It is a huge indoor area with snow where people can ski and snowboard and have fun with toboggans. It is just around 15 minutes drive from where we live and at first we didn't tell Bianca what we planned. She was so curious and kept insisting we tell her what the "surprise" would be. She did figure it out when we had to turn by the sign that said "Snow Planet" with a right arrow which of course she read and then asked "are we going to Snow Planet?" She got so excited that she could hardly wait to get there.

We took most of the warm clothes she would need along with us, but rented the snow boots and snow pants (which of course we don't have because we don't get snow in winter here in Auckland). And in hindsight we should have arrived maybe 20 minutes earlier than planned because that's how long it took Terence and Bianca to get dressed into their snow gear.

Inside where the snow was, it was around minus 3 degrees celcius. For most of it I sat in the cafe area watching them as they were having fun with the toboggans (I did go out to the snow area for a little bit trying to take photos of them). At first Bianca went with Terence on the same toboggan, but then she insisted that she wanted to go by herself on her own toboggan.

Initially Terence thought that Bianca would only be interested for 20 minutes before she got too cold, but she lasted until 3pm and would have probably kept going if it wasn't for the fact that their time was up at 3pm.


Amanda said...

I love the pics! She looks just too adorable! What a fun place to go to, I kinda wish we had something here like that too!

superrelish said...

Wow, that looks awesome, what a fun day. Great photos to.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I can't wait to go there!! Sounds like a blast!

Anonymous said...

That's the way it looks around here lately!! Bianca is so cute in her snow clothes. I'm glad they had fun.
Rosemary NY

PleaseRecycle said...

Hi there,
Haven't read all through your blog yet, but I wanted to say hello. My daughter Mollie (4 years old) was diagnosed with pre-B ALL this past June. She's also on COG AAll0331.

Biana is a cutie pie and it's so wonderful she's having a blast in the snow!

Sarah (www.allaboutmollie.blogspot.com)

Super Mom said...

oh how cute are these snow pictures! i love her gear!