Urgent prayer request

Recently I found a new Facebook group and since then made two wonderful new friends - Suzanne and Wouter Grove.

Their little boy also named Wouter was diagnosed with cancer on the 24th of December, Christmas as well as his mom's birthday was on the 25th of December and what they first thought was neuroblastoma turned out to be rhabdomyosarcoma (he had a large tumour behind his liver). Since then they have been doing a number of tests and treatment was supposed to start Monday 5 January 2009, but paperwork through the holiday period was not coming through as it should and so they anxiously sit and wait and the new plan is that treatment will start on Tuesday the 6th. They have just completed a scan of the little boy's heart to make sure it works well. Bianca had this as well and it is a fairly routine procedure and gives them a baseline to work with before administering certain chemo drugs (or so I understand), unfortunately this revealed a tumour now in his heart as well which was not there before.

So this is a scary new development.

Please could you visit the Facebook site and keep them in your prayers and thoughts. (Click here to visit their group).


Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers for Wouter & his family!

Kristy said...


Amanda said...

Oh my word! I'll put his name on the prayer list.